Friday, December 08, 2006

Revised National Anthems


Malaysia, Malaysia,
The Government will trace 'ya,
If they don't like what you say,
They will use the ISA,
And a few years' stay in prison will face 'ya!

Malaysia, Malaysia,
The Government will erase 'ya,
Everything is fine
if you toe the line
If not, then Hishamuddin will keris 'ya!

The United States of America

Everyone is free
In the USA
from Alaska
to Guantanamo Bay!

A land where anyone
can become The President,
The guy we have now,
got the job by accident!

We don't give a fuck
about other lands,
we play football
with our hands!

Coz we know
no matter what hap-pens
We have

The Republic of Macedonia

O! The Republic of Macedonia,
Buy our women a drink, and they might just bone 'ya
Then take down their number, and say "I'll telephone 'ya!"
Then get the fuck out of Macedonia!!!!

To be continued...


DareDevil8 said...

pretty good nationalistic up your arse poem.

with regards to Macedonia,that is one lesson in SPEED!

Ms J said...

haahhaa pretty funny you are totally barred from malaysia, the US and err..macedonia..but who wants to go to macedonia anyways?

anttyk said...

I loved the Hishammuddin will keris ya part.

pazuzu said...


ms j,
oh well. there's always Singapore. Nooooooooo!!!!!!

the man's a comic genius.

sic6sense said...

good stuff. must have flew by me, but what's this SPEED thing?

pazuzu said...

thanks. SPEED thing? flew by me too.

lilyliverbird said...

you forgot good ole england.

God save the effing queen cause her sons all marry tramps.

pazuzu said...

england anthem will have to wait. they're seeded below macedonia.