Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bloggers Against Bloggers United

As you may or may not know, I am pissed-off with this current movement called Boogers...I mean...Bloggers United.

Not only is Bloggers United a stupid and weak name, their members think nothing of diving in the penalty blog while real Bloggers are on a 49-post unbeaten run.

Also, they're starting up some legal-defense-fund for some unknown bloggers who are being sued, but they did nothing - NOTHING, I tell you - while I, Malaysia's Blogger of the Year, was being being sued by Citibank for unpaid credit-card bills.

They just stood by and watched while my fundamental right to Free Money was being eroded by a giant, bullying corporation.

As such, I'm starting my own kick-ass, attack-driven movement called An Arsenal of Bloggers. Unlike Bloggers United, our movement-off-the-ball will not only defeat whoever, but we'll do it in style, dammit.

Here is our logo:

Feel free to plagiarise it and paste it on your blog, as I have on mine.

If we all do this, then maybe, just maybe, as Bloggers we can be Invincible once again.

I would like to say more, but alas, I am out of bad metaphors.


Update: 2-1! Hah! Take that, Bloggers United!


lilyliverbird said...

I agree. Citibank should be bombed!Bloody oppressor. Lucky I use local bank.

Stevie G said...

Dei Macha,

On behalf of my community, I would like to thank and congratulate you on your recent buggering of Manyoo's arses!

Next time, stay off ours.

Consider this a formal warning!

Stevie Gunasegaran,
LFC Fan Club, Brickfields Branch.

pazuzu said...

All banks are evil. I keep my money under my clothes on the floor, where no one will be able o find it.

Stevie G,
We'll try. No promises tho. Sorry.